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Principia Mathematica (1910-13)*

By Bertrand Russell

Contents to Volume One

Chapter 1  Preliminary Explanations of Ideas and Notations
Chapter 2  The Theory of Logical Types
Chapter 3  Incomplete Symbols

Part I  Mathematical Logic
Summary of Part I

section a  The Theory of Deduction
section b  Theory of Apparent Variables
section c  Classes and Relations
section d  Logic of Relations
section e  Products and Sums of Classes

Part II  Prolegomena to Cardinal Arithmetic
Summary of Part II

section a   Unit Classes and Couples
section b  Sub-Classes, Sub-Relations and Relative Types
section c  One-Many, Many-One and One-One Relations
section d  Selections
section e  Inductive Relations

*  Bertrand Russell, Principia Mathematica, volume 1 (Cambridge University Press, 1910-13)  Second ed. 1925-27